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    i updated via odin,all went smoothly no errors no issue occurred,used all the bl/pa/cp and csc files,now here comes the issue,ofc u guys know that using csc and not home_csc causes phone to f.reset and that's what happened,now,usually when i do f.reset i prefer to have a totally fresh start meaning that i create new email,new samsung email,basically i start like i've never owned an email before,every time i did so (before updating via odin), i started with no apps in 'my apps' section in the app store until i setup the on-device apps (watsapp-facebook-youtube...,ets) these apps always require update before using, that's why i see them listed in 'my apps' section after installing their updates,and after about 24 hours i get a notification about updates available and there i can find the rest of apps on my device (chrome-android system webview-skype...ets) in 'my apps' section to update them,now after using odin it has been about 48 hours since the f.reset and i still don't get any notification and there are no apps in 'my apps' section expect for apps that needed update before start (watsapp,faceboook..) however i started most of on-device apps,now what should i do???
    08-18-2016 01:33 PM

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