1. LaraX's Avatar
    Hi all, I'm new to the forum, I've had my s7 edge for 2 weeks now, I'd actually ordered my cases before my phone so I knew I had them ready. When inside my phone is always naked but I like a pull tab case for when I'm out and about, I don't have a gel back case or screen protector on my phone and when the phone arrived the 2 cases I'd ordered were enormous and the phone just slid right out! I then ordered a third one, this one was also too big but not as big as the previous ones and this one has a magnetic catch so it usable but I would still like one that fits my phone snugly. I looked at suncases but they come with a gel back for the phone and I'm informed that the phone won't fit snugly without this back on, does anyone have any suggestions?
    08-20-2016 03:25 PM
  2. inkbone's Avatar
    When you say gel, are you talking about the silicone or TPU inserts/cases? If so, I'm under the assumption you're looking for a hard shell case only?
    08-20-2016 09:37 PM
  3. LaraX's Avatar
    No I'm looking for a soft leather pull tab case. And yes I was talking about not wanting to put a silicone case on it.
    08-21-2016 07:24 AM

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