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    I'm running into some trouble with Action Launcher 3 on my ATT S7 Edge. I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing the following problems:

    1. Shutters only work on some app icons. For example, I can swipe up on the play store and make the widget appear, but if I swipe up on Digical the I don't get an option for a widget. I have even uninstalled/re-installed digical (and the other apps showing this behavior), to no avail. Really strange, and really strange that shutters consistently work for some apps and consistently don't work for others. And these are apps I was successfully using shutters for on my 5x.

    2. The weird small icon+white circle problem. Have you guys seen this? It only affects some app icons. I have seen
    references to this problem all over the web, but I have yet to see a solution or cause.

    Edit: I solved #1 by turning on shutters individually for each app. Apparently setting shutters to "on" in settings does not work as intended or as I expected.

    I still have no idea why #2 is happening. More info on #2 - the icons look messed up on the homescreen and in the app drawer.

    Thanks for any help!
    08-25-2016 11:52 AM

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