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    I've been having battery drain issues recently on my S7 Edge, with Android System' consistently being twice the screen time %. I've done numerous things - cache clearing, partition cache clearing, 2 factory resets, disabling stuff blah blah... But to no avail. I've not installed any new apps recently.

    In another post, when discussing the partition cache, it was mentioned that the OS can take a while to rebuild the required caches, so battery can take an initial hit whilst this happens. However, I have noticed that, after a factory reset , the cache under 'storage' is over 2GB. I always have just deleted this as it seems massive. In fact I was quite anal about cache in the past and cleared it a few times week (with no notice battery issues).

    Should I just leave this be after factory reset? Immediately after the resets I've done and I've got everything back to as it was, the battery seemed normal briefly, and then the drain kicks in... Maybe because I've cleared this 2GB? It does seem to tie in, but maybe I'm just imagining it...

    Any thoughts or advice appreciated.
    09-10-2016 01:43 PM

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