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    The brightness black lines on the screen so many others have started for me Friday, the phone was charging and when I picked it up the lines were just there. If I don't want to see the lines I have to leave auto brightness on and move brightness to max and adjust it again if it changes. If I turn off auto brightness I will still see the lines even at max.

    This is only a mild annoyance at the moment but I read it is a hardware issue and can't be fixed.

    Now just a few minutes ago I noticed a green "dot" on the screen. The "dot" seems to go away sometimes but every time I lock the phone it is there in the same place and sometimes I'll still see it after I unlock the phone. Now this is with the "always on screen", if I turn off that feature then it goes away.

    This with the fact that the phone seems to be draining the battery faster and getting hotter; aside from the phone sometimes automatically calling voicemail or opening the camera when I unlock the phone and the Flipboard app freezing constantly, which may not be the fault of the phone but still, I'm pretty annoyed.

    Has anyone experience all these issues? What was your experience with warranty if you tried it? These seems to be hardware issues and I don't intend on paying insurance.
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    09-20-2016 07:49 PM
  2. Allen Brandt's Avatar
    That dot looks like a bad pixel on the screen

    Don't know how Samsung treats this, but with TV's or computer screens, the manufacturers demand a certain number of bad pixels before they will declare it defective and replace.
    09-20-2016 08:36 PM

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