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    I am very picky when it comes to cases. I have several for the S7 Edge - UAG, Spigen Tough Armor and the Otterbox Defender. I've been using mostly the Defender as this version was one of the best they have ever made. My gripe with the Defender's is always with their built in screen protector, I've always winded up ripping them out but the S7 Edge version fits great, there is no gap between the screen protector and screen. However after using it for months the screen protector has some scratches and I feel like it's taking away from the experience of the beautiful screen that the S7 Edge has.

    I need a rugged style case as I am in the gym a lot with it using my phone for music. I like the UAG a lot however the version for this phone is a little too thin on the sides, I wish they would have went higher with it. I decided to try the Supcase not expecting much since it was so cheap however I have been pleasantly surprised. It's similar in style and protection to the UAG however with higher side protection and better grip plus you get the port covers and it protects the screen better.

    This case does NOT have a built in screen protector and I like that. I am starting to hate all screen protectors. It allows me to use the screen naked while still providing some drop protection for the screen. The case fits very well, is more compact than the Defender but it feels very protective. The sides are grippy, I wish the back was a little grippier but overall it feels good. This will most likely be my daily driver. I don't use a holster but it does come with a nice one. For the price this might be the best protective case available.
    09-26-2016 08:37 AM

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