1. jianrong's Avatar
    Is there an alarm app that could tweak it to strong vibrate instead of sound alert? I would like it to remind me of time when i have it in my pocket.

    Regarding google photo and stock gallery..

    Suppose i turn off device folder to sync into google photo and also removing pics from gallery and my sdcard folders.

    So gallery only have camera roll and screenshot which is auto upload in google photo app.

    Will i have all photos albums that is already in my cloud to my Google Photo?

    So everytime my camera roll snaps will be uploaded to google photo.

    I could arrange those into various album on google photo.

    I could safetly remove pics in gallery yet these uploaded pics will still be in Google Photo album?

    Finally will i be able to upload pictures from google photo into other social apps?
    09-26-2016 11:09 PM
  2. alwilliam's Avatar
    I think all alarm apps have the same vibration intensity. Really depends on how strong your phone can vibrate. Other than that I don't know anything else.

    Google Photos - Yes, your photos will stay at the cloud even if you delete them from your phone, assuming Google Photos is set to sync to your phone.
    Once sync on Google Photos, the only way to delete them from the cloud is through the Goggle Photos setting itself. And yes you can share your photos right on Google Photo.
    Be careful when deleting photos especially right after you took it. Cloud servers such as Google Photo by default waits until you are connected to Wi-Fi to sync your photos/data to avoid using your cellular data consumption. If you want to use your cellular data instead of waiting for Wi-Fi connection, just open Google Photo app and mark the 'Use Cellular Data' option.
    Since you have a Samsung phone, you can also activate and use Samsung Cloud in conjunction with Google Photo. Samsung Cloud, once sync to your phone will back-up everything in your phone. Once your photos are sync to Samsung Cloud, even if you delete them from your phone, you can still view them in your gallery even though they don't reside anymore on your phone.
    09-27-2016 01:58 AM

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