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    OK< I posted this on the multiple crashing thread, but I could do with help in my own right on the issue, and reposting with a suitable title might help others if someone knows:

    "About 2 weeks ago I put mine through a factory reset to fix a calendar storage issue - since that point it ran wonderfully and I was ecstatic to finally have it functioning. Then last Thursday I went on a long car journey and bluetoothed it to the car for the first time - since that moment in time it has crashed several times an hour whether blue toothed or not. I took it into a Samsung store, but as I suspected they would not entertain it as it was a Chinese import to the UK through a website (totally genuine, with no invalidation on the software in theory, but not within UK warranty). They did put it on their computer and said there were many software glitches and suggested a factory reset. The problem is that I am almost certain I'd lose the handset in the system if I sent it back under warranty - I waited about 6 weeks for delivery in the first place. So I'm looking at a another factory reset. Several questions please to help this time:

    1. From turning it back on after resetting, can anyone point me in the direction of what order the Android set-up screens occur - you know those ones you get when you first turn on a new out of the box phone. I muddled through last time but was guessing as they all come up in Chinese and it is a while before you can get to settings to change it to English. There is plenty on the web about doing the factory reset - I can get to that point as its all in English, but once done all the welcome screens are in Chinese and it would be helpful to know what order to enter the data in. Things like logon details etc. or even which side the 'skip' buttons are so that I can quickly find settings and get back English. Or what are the quickest set of options before I can access languages. I can do other settings later. I can't remember the screen order when I first unboxed it when it had actually been sent to me in English

    2. Could the Bluetooth have crashed it - several others on this thread have mentioned Bluetooth. If so why and what it is the best thing to do to stop it please? Before I did the factory reset for the first time (to fix the calendar storage) the phone was often bluetoothed to the car without problems.

    3. A long shot - is there any way of getting it to factory reset to English rather than the default Chinese? I can still get to the software as I can soft reset it and get it to function most times for a little while."
    10-03-2016 04:13 AM
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    Ah….ha….you need the courage of your convictions. One of the first screen presented is a 'scrolly screen' looking for a single entry. If you spin it slowly all you first get is pictogram language style/Chinese like options – that’s where I backed out last week. If you continue to spin it, you get things like Dansk, Espana etc. It’s a language bar  Spin it far enough and you the English options. Select what you need and the mobile world becomes comprehensible again :-D At the moment I’m letting it update itself with previously stored data from the Samsung account – if it fails I’ll do it again (now I know what to do) and re-install stuff from scratch. I wish I’d known that the first time I did the factory reset – it would have saved a whole load of grief! Hope this helps someone.
    10-03-2016 09:00 AM

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