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    My full review:
    The Comsol brand is often seen around my house. More often than not for their awesomely cheap reversable micro-usb 1.5m cables. My S7 Edge has many defects (leaking screen,super short battery life, screen sometimes doesn't work etc. (yes im working with samsung on getting a replacement) ***sarcasm warning*** and last night it made my life MUCH easier when i just got home from the emergency room with a broken leg (haha) and the micro-usb port stopped working (yay!). So I headed on my way to spend more money making the phone usable. It ran me A$39 at Officeworks. Decent compared to the Samsung one price wise. The unboxing experience is fairly simple. You pop the box open and get a nicely packed Manual, 1.5m micro-usb cable and the charging pad itself.
    As you may have noticed in the photos the actual pad is fairly small. It usually takes me about 15 seconds to find a good spot for my phone to start charging. (no doubt ill get better at it with practice) it has non-slip pads on the bottom and a rubber o-ring on top so your phone doesn't slide off. (perfect for a flat-dash car)
    It has a green/blue led. *green is standby and blue when charging*
    Has great features like trickle charging and overheat prevention unlike cheap amazon/ebay wireless chargers. And oh yes, ITS PRETTY DAMN FAST!
    Great experience so far.
    ****Let me know how you like reviews like this. Would you like some more? Now my leg is broken I have LOTS of time haha. I have a couple cases, screen protectors, cables and more.****

    ~Thanks for reading homies! Much love from down under. ❤

    10-10-2016 07:40 AM
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    also, anyone on instagram? i
    started a tech review page @mobiletechreviews so feel free to check it out since ill be uploading lots of reviews in the next couple of days! ❤❤
    10-10-2016 07:51 AM

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