1. crazyralph90's Avatar
    I recently bought a s7 edge online from swappa. It has a gap in the body and the left edge glass at bottom and I can see clips? Anyone else have this issue? Thanks
    10-14-2016 11:14 AM
  2. crazyralph90's Avatar
    10-14-2016 12:10 PM
  3. lizette1222's Avatar
    I can see the clips on mine too..but the gap is not that noticeable
    10-14-2016 01:28 PM
  4. crazyralph90's Avatar
    Have you tried putting it in water? That is the only thing I am afraid of because it looks like the waterproofing is bad
    10-14-2016 01:36 PM
  5. lizette1222's Avatar
    No..lol too scared to, and I meant to do that with my note 7 before I returned it but forgot...
    10-14-2016 01:37 PM
  6. crazyralph90's Avatar
    I did it with Note 7 and it was good after, just think with this big of a gap that it is probably not.
    10-14-2016 02:22 PM
  7. Harry Dunn's Avatar
    Mine doesn't have a gap or anything like that
    10-14-2016 03:09 PM
  8. Chriscgc2's Avatar
    Take those back, mine has no gap
    10-14-2016 03:56 PM
  9. crazyralph90's Avatar
    Nothing that bad?
    10-15-2016 02:42 AM
  10. lizette1222's Avatar
    Take those back, mine has no gap
    Well i returned my edge yesterday, got a little worried about the gap. Best buy didnt give me any problems. The samsung guy said that it was in fact a defect.
    10-17-2016 07:06 AM

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