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    Does anyone have average CPU(Snapdragon) temp around 40~50C even if you are doing very light tasks?

    I got Edge 7 3days ago,
    and whenever I am using bluetooth or searching web I can feel warm from the backside (Exactly, near power button.)
    When turning on CPUtemp or CPUz, I can see over 45~50C.
    But while watching something on Youtube, the temp is around 48~52C and I dont feel warm on my hand.

    Is this normal ?

    Also, when I am recording something with back camera, the temperature goes up like 60~67C.

    If this is abnormal then I would really like to change my phone to Iphone.

    I attached a screenshot when the temp went up while I was searching the web.
    Attached Thumbnails Galaxy EDGE s7 AVERAGE CPU temperature(Snapdragon)-screenshot_20161026-154649.jpg  
    10-26-2016 08:54 PM

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