1. venom0706's Avatar
    After numerous attempts to properly apply the Yootech screen protector, I finally managed! No bubbles anywhere, just a tiny one right next to the home button (not on the "touch" area of the screen). I think there is tiny dust particle or something there (not just air). I tried pushing it towards a corner, but it doesn't move. Since it was very difficult to put the screen protector on the first place - will it be ok if I leave that small bubble there? It won't damage the screen in the long term or cause any "lightning" fracture chain reaction, right?

    Thank you and appreciated.
    11-05-2016 02:05 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    No, the only "damage" will be to you, as you get more and more annoyed at the tiny bubble. (I have 3 tiny ones on a 5 year old phone [that I no longer use] - there's still no damage to the screen. And yes, it's probably a piece of dust so small you couldn't see it if not for the protector.)
    11-05-2016 02:15 PM
  3. bandofbrothers2112's Avatar
    it shouldn't affect the phone.

    It may affect you from noticing it.

    For me I'd feel the need to sort it out. Lol.
    11-06-2016 02:49 AM
  4. 420lyfe's Avatar
    Just will affect you personally that's all. It happens to me so many times that I just don't even think about it anymore and consider it normal. It will of course not damage your device at all... It does make no difference... so even if you didn't have the bubble it still will work the same. I will say take it easy and I'm sure you'll be more than fine. Good luck
    11-06-2016 03:36 AM

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