1. He3am's Avatar
    im change my smartphone from blackberry prive to samsung s7 edge
    and connect moto 360 to s7 edge
    but when recive message , delayed recive notification on moto 360
    on blackberry prive work good !!!
    11-09-2016 08:32 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    I think it might have just coincided with a recent update to either the Moto software or Android Wear. I notice the same thing on my V20. It doesn't happen all the time, but it's happening a lot this week. The phone gets the notification and the watch sometimes takes 30 or 40 seconds to get it.

    I used the 360 on an S7 Edge and a Note 7 without issues before, so I don't think it's the phone.
    11-09-2016 11:11 AM
  3. pmaisonet's Avatar
    I actually had this same problem. I have the S7E and have an LG watch. And all of the sudden I was getting a mojor delay in message notifications. Email and other notifications would work fine. I was using the messaging app that came with the phone, from Samsung. So I just started using Google Messenger and now problem solved. I get notified of texts right as they come in.
    11-09-2016 04:20 PM
  4. IAmSixNine's Avatar
    had a delay on my s7 edge and moto 360 sport after android wear update, but the update this morning seems to have fixed it.
    11-11-2016 01:49 PM

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