1. HMBgal's Avatar
    Slow burn here. Had the phone since August and it seems as if the charging port is toast. I've pulled the sim card--it's all good, no water damage detected. I baby this phone and it has not had any water exposure. And it charges perfectly with the wireless charger. I'm guessing that Samsung and Verizon will tell me to pound sand. I have insurance, but I've heard that the s7 Edges are backordered, so I would pay $100, surrender my phone, then wait for who knows how long for a refurb? Not happy. Thoughts? Suggestions? Commiseration? Having to go out and buy a wireless car charger and another wireless charger is not my idea of fair. It's an expensive phone and the port should last more than a few months.
    11-12-2016 05:50 PM
  2. scorpiodsu's Avatar
    Try contacting Samsung. Stuff like this should be covered under the standard 1 year manufacturer warranty. Just see what they. Can't hurt.
    11-12-2016 06:18 PM

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