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    Why can't files be transferred from sd card to device or via versa. When the device memory is full, why can't new data be transferred to SD Card ??? Why can't VR games be saved to SC Card cuz it fills up the device memory.
    11-15-2016 08:39 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome back! What files are you trying to transfer, and which app are you using to transfer them? Only discrete files like music files, photos, or documents can be moved using the My Files file manager app (as opposed to trying to move a whole app).

    The ability to choose the SD card as the default storage location for data depends on each individual app. If the app isn't coded to be able to use the SD card, then you can't force that to happen (unless, perhaps, if you rooted the device).

    If the phone is able to move an app to SD (in the App Manager), then the ability to do so with any app is again dependent on each individual app (which, in turn, is dependent on how the developer coded the app). If you go to the App Manager, select your VR game, and tap Move to SD, then a portion of the app will be moved to the SD card -- but only a portion (and sometimes a small one at that), because the whole app can't be moved.
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    11-17-2016 12:57 AM

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