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    I have come across a pair of bugs with the S Planner and Clock stock Samsung apps on my S7 Edge G935F (unlocked). Any advice will be welcome.

    S Planner: It simply won't save an event. I've tried restarting the phone and force-stopping the app, but the app won't save a newly entered event in the calendar (even though it says that it has). Absent a fix (without which S Planner is pretty much useless), what comparable app would you recommend?

    Clock/Alarm function: It won't allow me to choose my own MP3 file to use as an alarm, although it allows me to go through the steps to do so. As soon as I touch the MP3 file that it allows me to browse to, it reverts to the alarm settings page with "Morning Flower" (the default) selected. I've also tried several other Play Store apps that do allow me to choose my own MP3, but not one of them (yet) has proven to be reliable. I.e., I haven't found one yet that goes off at the time that I set it to. (Again, pretty much useless.) So, I'm looking for either a fix of the stock Clock app, or a reliable substitute.
    11-17-2016 08:31 PM

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