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    In September i bought an s7edge from Orange. It's with exynox as i'm from Europe. After 2 weeks i bought also a fast wireless charging pad (original samsung). I saw that the charging time was taking so long, above 3hrs, taking almost 4hrs. I tested the phone in safe mode, powered off. Made also a factory reset. Changed 4 chargers (original Samsung) to be sure is not the charger. I reached Samsung from my country so i sent the phone in service. They replaced the QI charger. I received it but the results were the same. I sent it again and a 3rd time until they decided to replace it. The second phone had another defect but the charging time was the same. I request another replacement. This one from which i am writing has the same longcharging time. Samsung said the charging time on the fast charging stand should be no more than 150 minutes when powered off. I would like from you guys to tell me if you tested it from 0 to 100% to see the charging time and which type of processor you have, exynox or snapdragon. I think this fast wireless charging is not working on exynox. I saw a lot of posts on the net complaining about this but also phones which charge in 2hrs20minutes.

    4hrs from 5 to 100%, wireless, data connectivity and sync off
    Slow Wireless Fast Charging-s7edge_wfs.jpeg
    3hrs24min from 11%
    Slow Wireless Fast Charging-14936876_1363633236982761_390548674_n.jpg
    11-30-2016 08:49 AM
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    For wireless charging that seems about right. Most wireless chargers don't charge like wall plug. It's always best to charge it with a wall plug if this annoys you... it's faster and probably going to take much less time. I did often use wireless charging on my regular s7 snapdragon processor and everything was just about the same as described here... quite slow... I could say probably slower than cable charging... but that's just wireless charging for ya unless you buy a more expensive piece and cable. I mean Im only speaking on behalf of myself and my personal experiences.
    11-30-2016 08:56 AM
  3. bibbycu's Avatar
    Sorry but i am talking about FAST wireless charging and not normal wireless charging. I have spoken with Samsung and they confirmed me that the charging time for the S7edge on FastWirelessCharger with an original Samsung stand it's about 2hrs30minutes. Here's a video with the charge of 2hrs20minutes
    If it goes over 3hrs thats normal charge. Also when you put the phone from 1% on the charger it says around 2hrs 30 mintues remaining
    To buy something more expansive then their last piece of hardware which is the Samsung Fast Wireless Charge Stand which is supposed to charge quicker with over 1.4x over a normal charger?
    11-30-2016 09:16 AM

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