12-07-2016 07:43 AM
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  1. Smith 001's Avatar
    Agree.This is the best one I ever have.
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    12-06-2016 01:42 AM
  2. underway99's Avatar
    What did you disable all together if you don't mind listing?
    This is my disable list:

    AllShare FileShare Service
    Android Pay
    ANT HAL Service
    AND Radio Service
    ANT+ Plugins Service
    Basic Daydreams
    Briefing Feed
    Caller Name ID
    Cloud (that's Verizon Cloud)
    DT Ignite
    Galaxy Essentials Widget
    Gear VR Service
    Gear VR SetupWizardStub
    Gear VR Shell
    Health Service
    Live wallpaper picker
    My interests
    My Places
    Nearby devices
    Nearby Service
    NFL Mobile
    Samsung Gear
    Slacker Radio

    The problem with disabling those is you have to re-enable them to take an update. I didn't do any of that on my S7E and still get awesome battery life. I disabled a few from the Applications setting, like NFL football, but only a small handful.
    Not true for me, but it can depend on what you disable. I've received two system updates since I got the phone in July after disabling the apps above. Just disabling apps doesn't always keep them offline either. I've had them reenable themselves. Disabling them with Package Disabler keeps them from coming back, and also keeps the Play Store from updating them. Using Package Disabler is like freezing apps on a rooted device with Titanium Backup.
    12-06-2016 08:05 PM
  3. jejb's Avatar
    Your list is not as long as many I've seen, so maybe you got lucky on the update issue. But the App does mention that right in the product description as a possible issue, and I've read threads about it needing to be undone to update, too. Not that un-freezing and re-freezing is the end of the world, just something folks should be aware of.
    12-07-2016 07:30 AM
  4. JDfan3340's Avatar
    I absolutely love mine. And the water resistance really paid off yesterday when I dropped it into a bucket of water, and didn't realize it for over an hour. It's working fine, which is amazing to me. I'm also not liking some of the stuff I'm starting to hear about the S8. So I think I'll be sticking with my S7 Edge.
    12-07-2016 07:38 AM
  5. zorkor's Avatar
    Yes its still worth it. I still think I could have gotten a better deal with a OnePlus 3T but it doesn't have a good battery, good camera, waterproof so I like to keep my S7 Edge. Sometimes the edge screen makes me go nuts due to bad palm rejection but with time I got somewhat used to it. In short, get the S7 Edge.
    12-07-2016 07:43 AM
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