1. mysamsungs7e's Avatar
    I reset my phone and before I put Nova back on...was just wondering if I should.
    12-04-2016 03:30 PM
  2. dianehelen's Avatar
    I have never known nova to cause lag. I've used it and love it on many devices, never found it to cause any lag
    12-04-2016 03:36 PM
  3. Lepa79's Avatar
    Use it on all none Google phones. Doesn't cause lag.
    12-04-2016 07:05 PM
  4. merlinskw's Avatar
    Usually it stops a lot of lag with touchwiz
    12-04-2016 09:03 PM
  5. shaleem's Avatar
    No lag.
    12-04-2016 11:22 PM
  6. bandofbrothers2112's Avatar
    I'm wondering if it's the amount of customisation you perform with Nova.

    After all we set our phones up differently.
    12-05-2016 03:14 AM