1. jakestan's Avatar
    Hi, I just got a brand new Galaxy S7 edge.

    It works perfect apart from making Telephone calls:
    - I cant hear a dial tone
    - When the person answers, they cant hear me, i cant hear them
    - when I answer, I cant hear/ they cant hear
    - loud speaker doesnt work


    All the speakers and mics work on a whatsapp call, and i can play videos etc. so it sounds like a software issue.

    I have tried rebooting, factory reset etc

    any ideas would be much appreciated?!
    12-08-2016 03:22 AM
  2. missy8787's Avatar
    What carrier do u have? I had the same issue with my old iphone when I was on Verizon
    12-08-2016 10:10 AM
  3. IAmSixNine's Avatar
    try pluggin in wired pair of headphones and see if that works. Then unplug and see if that fixes the issue.
    12-08-2016 02:43 PM

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