1. Joseph di Piazza's Avatar
    In the 2nd paragraph are my questions.

    1. Samsung recently has indicated its intention to have one of its stellar Galaxy apps run on non-Samsung Android phones. It is perhaps in many ways currently the easiest, best known and most used electronic pen application or, speaking more broadly, best-known handwriting application presently available. It is good for writing short memos on the screen -- any screen because the memo screen can be minimize to float on every screen …. just ready for that fleeting insight.
    And handwriting can be lassoed and converted into text and dispatched as a text or an email.
    Writing can be done even with the finger alone, as would could be the case on the S7 (E) & all current chromebooks, which can soon run android apps. ( On these platforms non-electronic pens can write better than the FiINGER. )

    2. Has anyone here downloaded, or tried to download and install, S notes on an S7(e) or a Chromebook? And what was the outcome? If the installation was successful, what functions, esp handwditing to text (HWR), did you execute successfully and what not successfully?
    On my S7e I have found that even the Extension Pack, which is tobe downloaded for HWR, does not make HWR work.

    3. For practical reasons,namely, that by succeeding with S note download and with using its functions, would be about the last feature a Chromebook would need to possess for me to be convinced that they -- in particular, the Asus Chromebook Flip 2-in-1 -- have matured feature-wise sufficiently to be very useful during my daily computer work. I would be most appreciative to read reports.
    12-11-2016 02:38 PM
  2. project.in.process's Avatar
    Having used the S-Note app on my previous Note devices (Note5 most recently), I was excited to see that I could download the app onto my S7Edge just last night.
    To answer your question -- yes I successfully downloaded the application and the 3 extension packs. No hiccup on installation, but here's my observations
    1. No ability to make charts
    2. No ability to 'Lasso' something to smart-select it from the image (eg insert a picture of a car, 'Lasso' the tire and Cut only the tire from the car image). You can 'Crop' and Lasso, but there's no Smart-Select functionality.

    Just initial impressions -- but i'd love to have the smart-select functionality on the s7edge. I wouldn't miss my note at all if i could get it to work.
    12-12-2016 08:56 AM