1. Rebeska's Avatar
    I hate that the video camera autostart instead of go into video mode when I press record button. Is there anyway to get around this?

    Let me explain why this is a struggle.

    1. I have no time to arrange my setup to make sure everything is in picture (the video mode is not the same as photo mode).

    2. Even if I press pause, which I wouldn't have need if there was a video mode, I can't use something like Bluetooth Selfie Remote to start/stop video recording without touching the screen. Every touch on the screen makes the camera wobble some.

    So a Bluetooth Selfie Remote is useless for video on S7 but works just fine on iPhone. I have to return this remote since I can't make us of it.

    Will Samsung ever change this or are people just not using their phone to record arranged scenes? I would at least love to have the option under settings to choose what suits me the best.
    12-13-2016 12:35 AM
  2. nahoku's Avatar
    The screen is on when you launch the camera, so not sure why you can't frame the scene "before" you press the video button. It's the same thing as entering a video mode, framing the scene, and then hitting the record button. Am I missing something here?
    12-13-2016 05:40 AM