1. Erick47's Avatar
    So the Samsung Browser has a new update. It now looks like it's following grace ui design. Anyone discover any new features?

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    12-19-2016 10:35 PM
  2. Cakefish's Avatar
    You can open tabs in the background now, like Chrome.
    12-19-2016 11:27 PM
  3. Erick47's Avatar
    You can open tabs in the background now, like Chrome.
    So youtube can play in the background from a different tab now?
    12-19-2016 11:30 PM
  4. mundo472's Avatar
    Where do you see the Samsung browser??
    12-20-2016 08:09 PM
  5. bandofbrothers2112's Avatar
    If you can't see it in your App Drawer then use PlayStore.

    I like the clean look of the updated Samsung Browser.

    Much more fluid and like the addition of the tab to go straight to the top of the page now instead of having to scroll back up.
    12-21-2016 01:33 AM

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