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    Hi Folks,

    First time post so apologies in advance if this is an old issue or has been previously covered, I have bought a new Galaxy S7 Edge which is probably just over a month old at this stage and have noticed there is a perfect black semicircle dot at the bottom right hand corner of screen.

    Phone was put into an Otterbox case from new so is immaculate in every other form apart from this issue,

    I have logged with support and phone is being collected tomorrow and then 10 working days for repair :-(

    Anyone else have this issue and if so was \ should phone be replaced or does the repair suffice,

    Thanks in Advance.
    01-25-2017 06:48 AM
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    Mod note. Thread moved to the S7 edge forum for more visibility.
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    01-25-2017 07:51 AM

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