1. gdubs2013's Avatar
    Ever since I started using the beta a few apps which I use daily have stopped working when either I unplug the phone or let the screen turn off. The most problematic apps are:
    - PocketBell (stops radio stream when unplugged from charger)
    - WBEZ/NPR One (stops streaming when screen is off)
    - Podcast Addict (stops streaming when screen is off)

    I have reported each app to the devs, but no response or update has helped. I tried submitting an issue on the beta app, and they had nothing useful to say.

    Also, I want to believe that I have tried messing with every setting I can think of with no luck. Has anyone else dealt with this and found a solution for it?
    01-25-2017 11:19 AM
  2. Moonliterider's Avatar
    Yes, I am going through the same thing since about the first week of January. Add to the list,Tune in Radio, Sirius Satellite Radio app, Amazon music and anything else that is supposed to stream! I am so frustrated! I've gone through every troubleshoot remedy recommended. I've emailed the apps developer's. I got one reply from Tune in Radio. They said they had some complaints about it and it was device specific. They asked me to hold on. I won't pay 9.99 per month for an app I can't use. I checked the free version and, no streaming there either. The only difference is that my streaming does begin and lasts exactly 10 mins. Then nothing. I can't find any answers, even after factory resetting my phone.
    01-28-2017 04:11 PM

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