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    I need a little help. Im using nova on the s7 edge. There is this ugly black shadow on top of my homescreen. It looks terrible whenever im using a colorful/white/bright wallpaper. You can even notice it when using a darker wallpaper if you look close enough. Is there anyway to remove it? or is that build into Samsung? I know it's not nova doing. thanks

    things i've tried
    - turned off notification bar in nova launcher
    - put Transparent on notification bar
    - turned off shadow in advanced setting in nova/desktop setting
    - uninstall nova launcher
    - reset factory setting

    Noted * it show up at smartwiz / default launcher as well.
    also, if I go into gallery and preview the wallpaper, the black shadow isnt there. but when i applied the wallpaper it shows up, you can see it the attachments.

    There is no way they put that ugly shadow in there on purpose.
    Attached Thumbnails Homescreen shadow-screenshot_20170131-221507.jpg   Homescreen shadow-screenshot_20170131-221536.jpg  
    02-01-2017 08:57 PM

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