1. ekendraed's Avatar
    After I upgraded to Android 7, I am unable to connect to SMART SWITCH.

    I also get a message from Windows 10 that the USB device is not recognised. I have set use USB for transferring media files.

    I wonder if the USB drivers need to be updated?

    From where can I download the USB drivers? I tried to reinstall SMART SWITCH but I get another error message from Windows 10 that the application has failed to start because of side-by-side configuration issue!!

    Any suggestions?
    02-21-2017 05:46 AM
  2. ekendraed's Avatar
    PROBLEM SOLVED after replacing 3rd party cable with original genuine SAMSUNG cable!!
    02-21-2017 06:10 AM
  3. jbjtkbw007's Avatar
    I hate cheapo 3rd party cables. I try to go with high quality or genuine as you stated here.
    ekendraed likes this.
    02-21-2017 07:44 AM

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