1. ekendraed's Avatar
    After upgrade to Andoid 7, I am no longer able to RESTORE saved files using MYBACKUP PRO

    Any idea why?
    02-21-2017 05:48 AM
  2. IAmSixNine's Avatar
    I used it to restore phone call log, sms and mms with no issues restoring.
    can you go into some more detail and maybe we can figure out why..
    02-21-2017 01:54 PM
  3. ekendraed's Avatar
    I recently upgraded my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to Android 7.0 (Nougat)..
    I have used My backup Pro previously with Marshmallow successfully to backup and restore contacts. It also works well on my Tab 10.1 which runs on Android 6.
    With Nougat I can backup but not restore.
    On restore the system just hangs.
    02-21-2017 06:36 PM
  4. o4liberty's Avatar
    The app may need to be updated to work on 7.0 I would contact the developer of the app.
    02-21-2017 07:20 PM
  5. ekendraed's Avatar
    I did and the developer claimed that it would work with Nougat
    02-21-2017 08:06 PM
  6. IAmSixNine's Avatar
    On my s7 edge i backed up Call log, SMS, MMS, updated my phone, few days later i wiped it, used MyBackup Pro to restore Call Logs, SMS, MMS. No issues.
    I also used it on HTC 10 with nougat. Same results. Call Logs, SMS, MMS restored fine.
    02-22-2017 09:37 AM
  7. ekendraed's Avatar
    I tried updating CONTACTS and it froze. Will now use CM backup. My backup disclaimed responsibility saying my data was corrupt
    02-22-2017 06:52 PM

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