1. Josiah Sinclair's Avatar

    I have recently purchased an S7 edge in the UK and was wondering why the only LED lights that I seem to have available are either green or red. I have tried using 3rd party apps or changing the settings on each individual apps to change this. When I try to change coulour to say white or blue it continues to flash either red or green when I do get a notification I am running 6.0.1 and was told by a member of samsung support team that the other colours were removed but I didn't believe this. Can anybody help me with this is there a solution?

    02-23-2017 06:16 AM
  2. phatinum's Avatar
    Hmm, that's the first I've heard of it. I have an S7 edge running 6.0.1 and I have multi coloured led notifications. Sorry I can't help, seems very strange 🤔
    02-23-2017 06:40 AM

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