1. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    S7 Edge, Nougat (but it was the same on MM), Secure Unlock set to unlock the phone for a bluetooth connection.

    It works, in that I don't have to enter a PIN or fingerprint, but I still have to swipe to get past the lockscreen. Is there any setting that will just turn the screen on and go to the last app used, without having to swipe first?

    03-03-2017 11:27 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Nope, unfortunately that's the way it works with that feature. It removes the secure lockscreen, but you still have a lockscreen (swipe). With the S7 Edge, however, I think that if you just press the home button while it's paired to a trusted device and the screen is on it should 'skip' the swipe (or, rather, taking the button press for a swipe).
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    03-03-2017 11:46 AM
  3. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    Thanks. Yes, keeping your finger on the home button bypasses the swipe (I think by using your fingerprint), but sometimes I turn it on with the power button. Oh, well, I didn't really expect there to be a workaround.
    03-03-2017 04:53 PM
  4. SpookDroid's Avatar
    And to the best of my knowledge this is how it works in most other Android phones, so it's not just a Samsung nuisance.
    03-06-2017 10:57 AM

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