1. Jaryd Chiert's Avatar
    I recently download the Google Keyboard (Gboard) on my Galaxy s7 edge. Firstly, when I was using the Samsung keyboard I had spell check enabled where if a word was misspelled it would place a red line under the word/s without autocorrecting, I am not a fan of autocorrection. Now that I downloaded Gboard this function seems to be off, when I switch back the samsung keyboard it shows the red line, again not with Gboard tho. Is this feature available with Gboard as I really love the design and other functions of the board compared to the Samsung keyboard. It seems that the features vary on samsung phones compared to other providers as this seems like a function on the nexus. Appreciate the help.
    03-06-2017 08:37 AM
  2. Thud Hardsmack's Avatar
    I use Gboard and that function is on by default to my knowledge. I don't see a setting specifically for it; I have everything enabled under Text Correction if that helps.
    03-06-2017 08:51 AM
  3. Jaryd Chiert's Avatar
    That's what I thought that the function is on by default because I see people with other phones such as the Nexus have the feature. I also enabled everything under Text Correction but still no luck, not sure if it's a bug or it does not work the Galaxy s7 edge which I don't see a reason for it not too.
    03-06-2017 08:59 AM
  4. Jaryd Chiert's Avatar
    Problem solved, under Language & input in spelling correction needed to change the language setting from system language to English(uk/us) and this solved the problem.
    03-06-2017 09:05 AM
  5. Thud Hardsmack's Avatar
    Good that you found it! Interesting that it needs to be that specific though. I have system language selected on mine.
    03-06-2017 09:45 AM
  6. VeronicaV2V's Avatar
    I have tried the settings mentioned above and I still cannot get the red underline to appear
    04-13-2018 08:07 PM
  7. Paddy Landau's Avatar
    This has been reported as a bug. Please visit the tracker, and press its star (at the top left).
    04-18-2018 04:26 AM
  8. Aswin Ajith's Avatar
    I found it to be a bug in newer versions of Gboard. installing an older version and not updating it solved it for me.. Gboard doesn't have much changes then and now.. so hopefully we can wait for Google to fix it in the next update and skip a few.
    04-19-2018 05:47 AM
  9. Paddy Landau's Avatar
    … hopefully we can wait for Google to fix it in the next update and skip a few.
    The best way to speed it up is if many people "star" the bug report. Without that, Google will assume that it's a low priority fix as Google usually does. So, to everyone who reads this: please go to the bug report and press the star at the top left (it will turn yellow when you do this).
    04-19-2018 11:04 AM

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