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    Looked around for people asking similar questions but couldn't quite find something that sounded like what I'm seeing.

    With my S7 Edge running 7.0 (Nougat) - was also same issue with 6 though - I have been copying mp3s to the 'music' folder on the handset in Win 7 and playing from this default playlist. Generally works well but occaisionally - part way through the playlist (hundreds to thousands of 30 second chunk mp3s of longer radio programmes) it doesn't move to the next logical track in the playlist but instead either stops playing with the detail of the last track played appearing as current (and if I then click on the play button it jumps to track 1 in the playlist and starts playing that), or it starts playing track 1 automatically.

    Since I am usually listening to these tracks in the car it means I cannot get back to the place it last got to to start playing the next track - as there are many many tracks in the playlist.

    Has anyone seen this issue ? Any resolution ? Am I just hitting issues due to too many tracks in the playlist causing cache issues ? Is 'Play Music' actually crashing and restarting (no popup).

    Anyone recommend an alternative music player app ? Maybe I should just break up the tracks into separate playlists so there aren't so many tracks in each playlist ?

    Any suggestions appreciated.

    03-06-2017 10:00 PM

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