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    i have two problems
    first, phone is single sim, but in settings shows "manage sim cards" phone is no g935FD, phone is g935F, but phone works ok.(that is after restore)
    second, when i update with odin, firmware form sammobile, i can't connect on network, my sim card can't work.
    i backup all with flashfire, and when i restore all expect EFS and modem firmware, phone still does't work, and with efs work.

    my phone is gift from cousin, and that in settings show only one sim and phone is rooted too.
    After that I tried, and I told you what happened.

    please help me how to update to 7.0, and how to solve problem with sim.

    i tried to update with odin, but when i restore efs and modem, phone, can't connect on network.
    tried with smartswitch recovery, but can not find my network and connect.
    now i used restored files and phone works good,but can't update

    I learned that my imei on back side and *#06# different
    03-07-2017 10:28 AM

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