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    So I got the s7 edge in late June, around a month or two later I got a tiny hairline crack on the middle of the screen, and then about 2 weeks later the well known "pink line" appeared on my phone and would go away, and come back. But months later it is bright, and big. I cracked my phone again but much worse. What can I do to get it fixed? Will Samsung not replace their faulty phone because of the crack?
    03-16-2017 04:34 PM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    What do you mean when you say that you 'got' a hairline crack? Caused by you, or spontaneous?
    03-16-2017 05:09 PM
  3. smvim's Avatar
    Depending on your warranty coverage you might still be covered (emphasis on 'might'). Here's a nice summation:

    With multiple issues occurring over several months just wondering, do you keep you phone in a pants pocket and sit on it a lot, or has your phone been dropped/knocked off a table a few times?
    03-16-2017 05:15 PM
  4. bandofbrothers2112's Avatar

    Generally Manufacturing Warranty does not cover issues caused by a drop or water damage.

    All you can do is ask the seller of the phone if they'll accommodate a screen replacement.

    If Samsung supplied the phone to you ask them.

    I recently had to have my s7 edge screen replaced due to the pink line. There is a self help tool in the phones hidden menu system that invokes different coloured screens that has been reported to remedy the pink line for some. Perhaps try that.

    If it works to clear the pink line then you have a couple of options.

    Still have the display removed because of the damage or affix a screen shield or case with screen shield included.
    03-18-2017 03:04 AM

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