1. frankd1's Avatar
    Just upgraded to NRD90M.G935VVRU4BQA4. Don't see any updated release notes yet, and it has the same Feb 1 2017 Android security patch level as previous. FWIW.
    03-24-2017 05:05 PM
  2. LineKill's Avatar
    There has been a System Update for the Verizon S7/S7 Edge today. This brings the baseband from BQA2 to BQA4. It is not a security patch update. The Verizon Software Update page has not been updated yet. This system update does offer Wi-Fi performance improvements among other enhancements and improvements. If you have not received a notification go and do a manual update.VZ update on S7E-screenshot_20170324-165631.png
    Btravelen likes this.
    03-24-2017 07:16 PM
  3. 757Dave's Avatar
    Thanks. Just checked and was available. Downloaded it and when finished when you tap on learn more, it just takes you to the Nougat page on Verizon. Interesting...

    Thanks again for the heads up!
    03-24-2017 07:38 PM
  4. trucksmoveamerica#AC's Avatar
    I'm going to download it, maybe it's the next new OS "O". How exciting, nougat to O right away.
    03-24-2017 09:44 PM
  5. beri's Avatar
    Got it on my device here in Germany. Says WiFi performance which I really hope it is. My device keeps dropping for about a split second, then reconnecting.
    03-25-2017 02:20 AM
  6. amyf27's Avatar
    I just got an update on my T-Mobile version. It's the March security update. Mines on the 7.0
    03-25-2017 05:47 AM
  7. LineKill's Avatar
    I just got an update on my T-Mobile version. It's the March security update. Mines on the 7.0
    It is a different update. We are still on the February security patch.
    03-25-2017 07:04 AM
  8. beri's Avatar
    Definitely fixed my Wi-Fi issue that I had going on!
    03-26-2017 08:21 AM
  9. srayjacobs's Avatar
    Mine was doing the same thing. Since this update it has not dropped the Wi fi .
    03-26-2017 09:21 AM
  10. anon(5630457)'s Avatar
    Wifi seems to be working better for me too.
    03-26-2017 09:37 AM
  11. drusum's Avatar
    Definitely fixed the Wi-Fi issue
    03-26-2017 04:08 PM
  12. Lepa79's Avatar
    Manually checked and it pops up. I don't have wifi issues at all but installing anyway.
    03-26-2017 04:42 PM

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