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    She followed a write up on AC and went to Sprint to see what can be done. There was a licensed/authorized Samsung repair in the store. For $200 and 2 hours of time they replaced the screen, battery, Micro USB and Camera lens, plus kept it waterproof. She had no insurance but the price was kept down because it's still under a year of ownership.

    Just wanted to put out the info in case someone finds themselves in the same boat. She's on our family plan but as far as insurance and maintaining the phone it's all on her, she's 21. The rep then offered her the ability to insure for $13 a month and she turned him down, she would have to pay it, not us, but when I figured it all out after any deductible and paying for insurance she broke even so far. Down the road is where the risk comes in, hopefully she'll go back to wallet case and this will be harder to crack. She's sporting a Clear Poetic at the moment.

    uBreakiFix was $350 and they would only replace the screen, and it would no longer be water proof.
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    03-26-2017 12:49 PM
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    Hopefully the wallet case is hard and not soft otherwise it won't help.
    03-26-2017 02:24 PM
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    This is a reality that S7 Edge owners live with. The design, while beautiful, is not very durable. The screen protrudes and can't be protected without hampering the Edge functionality. While researching cases for mine, the 1 star ratings were full of 'I dropped my phone and the screen broke' listings. Insure, Insure, Insure... if you aren't one of the very very few that never drops their phone...
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    03-27-2017 02:00 PM

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