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    I know some of you unlocked folks were waiting for the security update which we got.. Nougat is next HOPEFULLY soon. It's BS that we have to wait so long after Nougat has already been launched but whatever. I wouldn't have bought an unlocked phone if I had known this ridiculousness would happen.

    I had an interesting convo with a samsung chat person. Take it for what it's worth, maybe her information is already out there somewhere but I could not find it. I wasn't sure if Nougat would even roll out for U phones but she said they are working on it.

    Srilatha R: Hi, thank you for reaching out to Samsung Technical Support. How may I assist you?
    David: I have a samsung Galaxy S7 Edge unlocked. WHEN can I expect see the Android 7.0 Nougat update??
    Srilatha R: Hello David.
    Srilatha R: I see that you want to get update on your phone.
    Srilatha R: Let me check how best I can help you in this regard.
    David: OK
    Srilatha R: I would like to inform you that Samsung releases the updates through carriers as batches.
    Srilatha R: And as of now the updates has been released to only s7 and s7 edge carrier locked phones.
    David: And what about unlocked phones?? I paid $700 for this phone and I don't get an update?
    Srilatha R: Samsung takes security and privacy issues very seriously. Securing your device and maintaining the trust you place in us is a top priority.
    Srilatha R: Software updates for all of our mobile devices, including unlocked models, undergo testing processes to help ensure software stability, network feature compatibility and performance. Samsung is working with its partners to make a security update available and the Nougat Software update available in the coming weeks to unlocked Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge devices.
    David: Do you think it will be when the S8 releases?
    Srilatha R: It might be as we cannot speculate the exact date and I dont want to set false expectations for you
    Srilatha R: But whenever there is an update you will get the notification on your phone saying that there is an update available for you;
    David: But you can say for certain unlocked phones will be getting Nougat?
    Srilatha R: Yes, David, As Samsung is working on it.
    David: Ok.. thank you then
    Srilatha R: You're welcome. Is there anything else I can assist you with?
    David: That's all
    04-09-2017 12:31 AM
  2. bandofbrothers2112's Avatar
    It's down to personal take on what's correct.

    I'm in the Uk with an unlocked s7 edge but due to the CsC code in the phone I had to wait. Early March 17 was when I updated to Nougat.

    As for Online Chat and other forms of Social Media i.e. Twitter / Facebook these sites can sometimes be manned by 3rd party companies on behalf of the actual business. Chat is invariably in overseas countries and typically read from a scripted response and help pages.
    04-09-2017 02:01 AM
  3. slick5150's Avatar
    Yeah, that person doesn't know anything. I was told more or less the same thing by a rep over a month ago now.
    04-09-2017 02:19 PM

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