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    So this is really bugging me and I can't see anyone else talking about it anywhere - so I assume I'm just missing something! Any help will be much appreciated!

    I like the idea of the smart network switch feature. and the aggressive mode. i have a good amount of data but not unlimited. so if there is good wifi - i'd like to use it. if it's even a little bit flakey though like in a shopping centre as i walk about - drop back to the data connection please. but at home - where i have fibre - i'd like it to always stay on the wifi. i have chromecasts etc too so it's easier.

    so they added a network exceptions feature - great! but how do i add exceptions??? i can't find it anywhere in any settings!

    im on the latest OS, all updates, etc. but i've always seen this issue.

    anyone know?

    04-09-2017 08:29 AM

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