1. Foxmcloud1990's Avatar
    So this happened a couple days ago, a couple weeks after updating to 7.0. I made no major changes to the phone, but for whatever reason the text notifications are muted. I've checked all the settings, everything is good. Restarted the phone, still the same. Any ideas?
    04-11-2017 04:15 PM
  2. Foxmcloud1990's Avatar
    Bump. Anyone have an idea?
    04-12-2017 04:36 PM
  3. Btravelen's Avatar
    Which messaging app are you using? Which carrier? Maybe they can help? If you're sure you checked all the related settings I would clear the phone cache, possibly uninstall the app (making sure the messages are backed up) and reinstall it. If it's the stock app, stop and restart? Good luck
    04-13-2017 11:15 AM
  4. Morty2264's Avatar
    Are you using a stock messaging app? If you're using a third-party​ messaging app like Textra, make sure that it is set as your default messaging app. Sometimes glitches or bugs happen when those specific settings aren't configured.
    04-13-2017 11:17 AM

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