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    Today my the phone was fine, I had been able to make a call as normal and everything seemed in order up until I tried to use it again in the afternoon after it overheated and I got a message saying it needed to close three apps, but when I attempted to close them so I coudl shut the phone off it became unresponsive completely. I've tried several fixes for the blackscreen; holding down various button combinatinos to soft reset the phone, but nothing appears to work.

    The start up screen comes on as normal but then the screen shuts off and a white line flashes over the top, due to my inability to use the screen longer than a few seconds I cannot factory reset it, especially since the screen shuts off abruptly after trying to do anything on the phone. When I

    Currently the bottom buttons light up, and I can hear tet messages being received but nothing else but a blue light that slowly flashes green. Is something fried inside of my phone because of the overheating? Would I need to get a new phone? Thank you in advanced for answers.
    04-13-2017 07:33 PM
  2. joe_fresh's Avatar
    Try contacting your carrier to see what your warranty status is or insurance claim.
    04-14-2017 05:25 PM
  3. mnc76's Avatar
    I've been having the exact same problem.

    Phone screen goes black. I can hear notifications come through but screen is off. The back button and recent apps button light up. LED is on.

    Over 300 days with no problems and now I'm getting constant BSOD (black screen of death).

    I have conpletely factory reset the phone, made sure that no app settings are restored by Google cloud restorebor Samsung cloud restore.

    Works perfectly, and super fast in between the BSODs. But it always happens again after about a day or two.

    Also I've been seeing really weird "tv static" graphical glitches. When I see one of these, I know a BSOD is soon to follow.

    I'm on Rogers Canada with an unlocked GS7 edge exynos.
    04-17-2017 03:54 AM

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