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    Hi all. I hope someone can give me input and leave all criticism out. In December I signed up with Sprint purchasing two Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and 1 iPhone 7 plus. We paid $600 down to get the contract which I know is irrelevant but within 15 days they turn phone's off and it has been a headache every day since. The bill is never the same and has never been what they told me it would be. I have yet to have a BILL less than $400. And they even went and took money out of my account when they were not supposed to but it seems they do not want to hear about any of that. Now that I have given you all of this irrelevant information. Lol apologies, what I want to know is how to unlock my phones? I went into a Cricket store earlier and was told they could unlock the phones for $65 each plus an additional $25 activation fee each. By time I pay this and purchase the monthly plan for each phone I will spend over 300. I sure am regretting the days of leaving Page Plus and using my handy LG phone. Cricket didn't for me they would be unlocking the phones so after researching unlocking phones I came across several companies that offer to do this for $25 but you know how that goes anything with the internet involving money is suspicious. Anyone that can guide to me I would be forever grateful thank you.
    04-25-2017 10:35 PM
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    Thanks for all the information. The first thing I would ask is are the Sprint devices (GS7 i7) paid off with $0 balance? If so, I think I could provide some alternative options for you.

    04-26-2017 07:55 AM

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