1. French's Avatar
    My thumb print is not working reliably so I decided I'd reset it. I'm on Nougat.

    When I go into the fingerprint settings and edit it will allow me to select the fingerprint but then nothing. It doesn't do anything other than let me select it. I can't retrain it. Am I missing something?
    04-29-2017 09:39 AM
  2. LineKill's Avatar
    It is there, I can see it in the upper right. It is because of the theme you are using.

    You need to remove and then add them again.

    That is also most likely why you couldn't find the 3 dots I was telling you aboutツ
    French likes this.
    04-29-2017 09:45 AM
  3. French's Avatar
    OMG again. I couldn't see it. Thank you!
    04-29-2017 01:51 PM

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