1. markm75's Avatar
    Does anyone know of a way or app that actually works for forcing to take videos in landscape mode.. or that allows it to be done in portrait without turning the phone?

    I tried horizon.. good idea but its not the same as turning the phone.. the area seen in the video recording with the portrait mode "horizontal" video is nowhere near the same as if you actually turn the phone. It also didnt support 4k videos.

    I'm guessing there isnt, because the internals need to be sideways to get the same viewable area either way, that software cant do it?

    You would think by now there would have been hardware or software that would allow it to work both ways.

    Thanks in advance
    05-12-2017 10:45 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    You are correct in that the sensor is not the same 'standing up' as it is sideways, so 'forcing' landscape while your phone is facing up has two choices: you either crop the image to fit into landscape (but you get distortion from the original image), or you take the video 'flipped' (which obviously wouldn't be a good end result unless you enjoy tilting your head 90 degrees while watching a video).

    You can disable the rotation sensor and force it to landscape, but the same as above applies: if you hold the phone up, your video will be flipped.

    You can only force it like that (although I don't know an app that would) if your sensor is the same size on all edges (square sensor), which would still mean you need to crop the image to fit a landscape HD frame.
    05-12-2017 11:42 AM

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