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    Well, I ended up with the dreaded pink vertical line on my S7Edge phone right towards the end of the manufacturer's warranty period. I contacted Samsung, and they were very nice and gave me 2 options: mail it to them OR take it to a local Best Buy which was the only authorized Samsung repair center in Orlando. I decided for the latter as I'm an IT Manager and can't be without a phone, but I could do a few hours if I had to. They gave me a case number and off I went to Best Buy.

    Best Buy was a horrible experience. They did their little check and noticed the start of some corrosion in the charging port. Immediately, I brought up the IP68 rating and how that phone was advertised with a rapper pouring champagne all over it and the print ads showing the phone submerged in water. My question to them was "So you're telling me this is Samsung's advertising, but if you DO encounter moisture, sorry, warranty voided?" They kept re-iterating that if they detect corrosion, their contract with Samsung states they cannot work on the device. Then, the local representative for Samsung gets involved and starts repeating the same information. I didn't want to hear it anymore and I asked about the IP68 rating and if they actually knew what it meant and if it gets that rating, how can the EXPOSED portions of the phone indicate what is going to be seen internally? To ME at least, it seems the construction for a phone that is able to get this rating, it would have construction that would prevent that. Maybe that's just me.

    Anyway, I was done with them and called Samsung and told them about the Best Buy experience. They agreed that it wasn't the best experience and reiterated the other option of sending to them. Well, I needed a phone, so I went ahead and upgraded to the S8 before doing so. Then, I shipped the phone to them. Total turnaround time from when I shipped it to when I received it back was just over a week. Not only did they correct the display, they replaced the battery, which they deemed was failing (so it wasn't the OS upgrade that caused my battery life drain) and they replaced the home button. It looked like a brand new phone. I just ended up selling it to offset the cost of the outright purchase of the new device.

    I just wanted to share my experience with their warranty repair and praise Samsung for going above and beyond when an authorized service center was of no help at all. I think I'll stick around with Samsung products for a bit longer.
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    05-17-2017 06:27 AM
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    My S7 crashed on installing Nougat. I took it to the Samsung experience place. It was back the next day all fixed. Happy customer here also...
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    05-17-2017 06:40 AM

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