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    I have seen so many conflicting articles on whether to let a phone battery drain to 0 every once in a while or not, but then I see that you shouldn't ever let your phone drop below 40% as it can help battery life in the long run. What is your opinion? I try not to let my phone drop below 40% and it rarely does. Do you think I should let it drain to 0 to calibrate it every now and then or is that even necessary these days?
    06-07-2017 04:40 AM
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    Also for those of you who get 5 or more hours of on screen time, when you get more than 5 hours do you let the battery drain to 0 or 5% to 10% or generally charge the phone at 40% with getting 5 or more hours on screen time? This phone has generally been a power house for me most of the time. I've had a 1 S7 Edge overheat which Sprint swapped out and it's battery life was obviously deteriorating. I'm just trying to see if I can get 5 or more hours of on screen time, I think at most I probably have gotten 6 to 6 1/2. But I figure that to get more on screen time with that I would have to let the battery drain to 15% or lower. Also is there anyway to go back and edit your posts on here? I can't find a way to do it. Any input would be very much appreciated! Thank you!
    06-07-2017 05:08 AM
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    Your last question first. Yes, you can edit your own posts. Look for and click the little pencil icon in the upper right corner of the posting.

    There probably isn't any particular magic number target for draining the battery. Most folks who know anything about how these batteries are built will tell you that running the battery empty is a bad idea. My floor is 15%. I drop my phone on the charger at the end of the day regardless of the charge level, but I'll also plug into power during the day if I'm getting down near 20% (not very often).

    For me, the SOT number isn't as important as having the phone work when I want it to work. Sometimes I can get near 5 hours, but I tend to get almost 3.6 hours without getting anywhere near my 15% limit. I knew when I got this phone that the battery wasn't the best. Power management has improved a lot with Android 7 and my battery life is better than it has ever been. I carry a 10A power bank with QC3 and go about my business without worrying about my phone battery.
    06-07-2017 01:46 PM
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    I never use fast charge. I accidentally had it. I forgot to add that I am not rooted at all. This is day 6 on this phone. My last phone Sprint had swapped a phone that was overheating for a defective phone that had scratches on the camera lens and they sent me a certified pre-owned phone. Which I checked the status of the reconditioning and it was only used from July 4th 2016 to August 24th 2016. . I was at a wedding yesterday and taking pictures for maybe 10 minutes at most but I was out in the sun for about 30 minutes, the phone got up to 43c and 111f so I turned it off after taking pictures and put it in my purse and left it off until I got back into air conditioning and turned it back on after it felt cool again. Did this damage my battery and should I be worried? I am hoping it didn't damage it. How long does it take for a phone to settle in to it's optimal battery of how long it will last till it needs charged? My phone before that would last 16 hours or more. I got it last Thursday then took it to Sprint because the phone getting that hot did worry me and the battery was draining kind of fast but it could be where the battery is settling in too. And they factory reset it I know Android is still building files, but how long should I wait until factory resetting the phone or returning it? When I got the phone it was at 75% which I know is good. Since I got it on Thursday, battery has lasted at most 14 hours but otherwise 8 to 12 hours, do you all think this phone has a bad battery and when should I factory reset if battery life doesn't improve. I have disabled bloatware with PDP and I use Lux Auto Brightness, Gsam Battery Monitor, Wakelock Detector, and my Android settings are all set to the best battery saving settings, I do use Power Saving Mode I also never let my phone get below 40%. I am also trying to figure out if the hot temperatures for at most 30 minutes in the sun damaged my battery or phone or if they gave me a phone with a faulty battery as well. Sprint told me to give it a few days and if the battery doesn't improve to bring it in and they will swap it out. I also forgot to add that I uninstalled greenify to see how it does since Nougat does have the size feature now. I did get 6 hours on screen time Monday night after the factory reset out of 8 to 9 hours on battery but I was downloading apps and setting everything up in settings and disabling bloatware too. I'm guessing I'll need to give it a week to show the optimal battery life so everything is settled in again. But a bit ago it showed I had q8 hours left estimated battery life then just now after turning off power saving it went down to 11 hours estimated battery left. Is that anything to worry about and do you have any tips? I have 1 hour on screen time so far at 78% and at 4:08am it was fully charged but it's now 7:24am. Is this anything to worry about?
    06-07-2017 07:14 PM
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    BLUF, I'd recommend that you get the device replaced, because I think that if the battery is routinely running that hot, you have a problem. It may or may not be software, but the carrier has already agreed to replace it. Take them up on their offer, especially because the camera is scratched -- I've read that Sprint often tells its customers to pack sand when its refurbs are in worse shape than the devices they replaced.

    I don't typically use QC/Fast Charge either. My bedside wireless charger is an older Qi charger with a 1A charge field. My phone charges slowly all night.

    If you're consistently trying to get six hours of screen time, the phone is going to run hot, especially if the screen is on for long periods (long games, movies, etc). The screen is the biggest single power draw on the device. The S7 Edge has a liquid-filled cooling coil inside the case. When the device gets warm, that's the cooling coil discharging the heat that it's drawing from the components. Having said that, I think that the phone routinely running that warm would concern me too.

    I'd drop the Lux brightness app. The auto brightness on the newer Samsungs is so much better than it used to be that I dumped it right after I got my S7E. I took it off of my family's other Samsungs too. That's a constantly-running app that doesn't need to be there. I'd leave Greenify off as well for now.

    FWIW, I don't know of anyone with a S7E or any of the 2016 devices that can routinely get a lot more than four hours SOT on a charge with normal use. Yes, I'm sure that we all know of an exception. I know a battery extremist who can get a lot better, but it's after a lot of coddling and attention to the battery and every little thing on the device. But she's a slave to her phone -- she obsesses over every bit of power usage to the point that she doesn't just use and enjoy the phone.

    My first recommendation was to replace the device. My other recommendation is that you take your new phone and set it up as a new device. Resist the temptation to restore from your Google or Samsung account. If your issue is an app or an app setting, you'll stand a very good chance of reloading your problem back onto the new phone. I would load the Gsam battery monitor. If you want to use PDP, be very careful and disable just the carrier bloat. Leave the Samsung and Google stuff for now. No more utility apps. Let the phone run as intended (including the various default measures like auto brightness with the base near 40% or so, power saver at 15%, etc) for a few weeks to make sure that the phone itself is good. I suggested a few weeks because you'll spend the first several days fiddling with the phone while you load apps and such. A few weeks is long enough that you get past all that and just use the phone.

    If you're determined to get something from every mA of power expended from your battery, look at the advertised battery performance of the phone and realize that whatever that number is, it was developed in a lab in ideal conditions, not in real life. I doubt that you'll find that Samsung promised anything near six hours SOT. I don't know what phone is out there that will routinely give anyone six hours of display time on every charge.

    Every time that you charge and discharge the battery, it's capacity will be reduced just a little bit more. Over time, the SOT WILL go down. Understand that the battery began to break down the moment it was built, and you can't do anything about it.

    Your S7E is an awesome device with a lot of capabilities. I'd suggest that you just use it and see what happens without the worry. You can get a decent 10A power bank for less than $30 for extra assurance that your battery won't run down.
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    06-07-2017 08:51 PM
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    The phone where the camera was scratched was actually brand new out of the box, he told me it was I checked reconditioning status and it was actually new. We had to fight tooth and nail to get them to replace the defective phone with the camera scratches, the store refused to do it even though it was clearly affecting the pictures. And they saw the scratches on the camera, we had to go in 4 times for this issue. My Dad had trouble with his phone last year and it took them forever to give him another phone that actually works too. So that should have been a lesson with this store. The guy said he saw the scratches said if it affected it come back in then we did and they had to have a manager approve the swap, well she didn't then the same guy who saw the scratches before said then that he didn't see them and the other guy and the manager didn't either when the guy who gave me the phone was standing there with them who admitted he saw the scratches as well the 2nd time. We went through Sprint customer service and that's when they sent me the certified pre-owned phone and we had to fight tooth and nail to get them to do that too. We have been loyal customers for 11 years. Always had insurance, etc, paid biills on time. The phone only got hot that one time and it did worry me. If I don't have proof by next week that the battery is not as good as a new phone then they won't swap it out. I just don't trust this battery as much after that happened on the 2nd day of use. The phone is black and black attracts more heat/sun. It was about 85 degrees outside that day and the wedding was on a hill right under the sun around a pond. I took pictures for maybe 15 minutes then it was hot and turned it off 5 minutes later until we got back down to my cousin's house which even then I left it off until it cooled down which took about a hour and a half maybe. I didn't keep track of how long it took to cool down. It has not gotten above 40c since then but maybe twice, it's stayed 35c or lower. I always set my phone up as a new device actually. My battery has lasted 17 hours since the last charge and it is at 52% now. SOT is 2h 1m right now and I'll charge it at 30 or 40 probably. So when I go back to the store in a few days it is another store and they seem to be treating me better so far. I just uninstalled Lux AutoBrightness and Wakelock Detector so I'll see how that does. I'd be much more comfortable if they give me a new one in a few days. I'm just testing everything out until then.
    06-07-2017 09:24 PM
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    If you have insurance or an extended warranty, you're in pretty good shape. And 52% after 17 hours is just fine.

    As to proof that the battery in the refurbished isn't as good as a new phone, good luck. The battery typically doesn't get replaced when a phone is refurbished. It is a used battery, so it will show signs of wear. I forget just what Samsung's design degradation is, but I think I've read that they consider a battery defective if it loses more than 20% of its charge capacity in the first year. That's a lot of loss and still within expected wear parameters.

    I think the best you can hope for at this point is to keep documenting your issues for when or if the phone gives up on you. Yes, you bought a new device. After the first 10, 20, 30 days or so, Sprint is not obligated to replace it with another new device. Check your warranty terms. Just use and enjoy your phone. If it craps out, get it replaced. Done.
    06-07-2017 10:45 PM
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    I have seen so many conflicting articles on this...what is your opinion?-19072949_1420666771354907_1769796990_o.jpgI have seen so many conflicting articles on this...what is your opinion?-19047371_1420666768021574_1247464093_o.jpgI have seen so many conflicting articles on this...what is your opinion?-19022430_1420666794688238_1323118902_o.jpgI have seen so many conflicting articles on this...what is your opinion?-18987639_1420666791354905_545554838_o.jpgI have seen so many conflicting articles on this...what is your opinion?-19024528_1420666838021567_250086579_o.jpgI have seen so many conflicting articles on this...what is your opinion?-19024732_1420666824688235_309769842_o.jpgI have seen so many conflicting articles on this...what is your opinion?-19022386_1420666804688237_1782921237_o.jpgI have seen so many conflicting articles on this...what is your opinion?-18986701_1420670268021224_978588100_o.jpgI have seen so many conflicting articles on this...what is your opinion?-18987641_1420673781354206_1089195342_o.jpg Here are screenshots of my apps and battery stats. What do you think?
    06-07-2017 10:48 PM
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    I think you're in good shape. Just use the phone as you want and see how it goes. I don't see anything that would make me worry about the battery.
    06-07-2017 11:16 PM
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    I have seen so many conflicting articles on this...what is your opinion?-19024560_1420706464684271_1086664632_o.jpgI have seen so many conflicting articles on this...what is your opinion?-19022488_1420700278018223_1366219253_o-1-.jpgI have seen so many conflicting articles on this...what is your opinion?-19024538_1420700324684885_1523987636_o.jpgI have seen so many conflicting articles on this...what is your opinion?-18987661_1420700361351548_2125048457_o.jpg

    Here's some more.
    06-07-2017 11:31 PM
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    There is apparently something still bothering you about this, but I don't see anything that would substantially concern me.

    If that was my phone, the only thing that stands out would be the Facebook app. That's known to be a resource hog. It doesn't look bad right now, but I've seen it be somewhat unpredictable. If I used FB, I'd dump the app and use their mobile site in the browser.

    About your browser, some folks claim that the Samsung browser is better on resources than Chrome. You can use an ad blocker with the Samsung browser too. I use it for the ad blocker. There's a plug in for Chrome on the PC that will sync your bookmarks and such with the Samsung browser too.
    06-08-2017 12:17 AM
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    Is the Samsung browser the one that comes stock with the phone? It's not bothering me, I'm just trying to get more screen time. I did disable the stock browser but I'll enable it to see if it changes the on screen time. The battery getting that hot the other day is the only thing that concerned me and the fact it took a hour or more to cool down. I'm just hoping it didn't damage the battery in any way. I'm going to test the phone out for a few more weeks. When I received this phone it does have a kinda deep scratch on the heart rate sensor but I don't really use that, this is the certified pre-owned phone. It doesn't seem to affect the flash in pictures even though there are micro scratches on the flash sensor either. I'm usually logged out of the FB app, I only log in to post pictures or save pictures usually. I did go and restrict background data on all of the apps in the settings a little bit ago as well. Also what ad blocker do you use and what is the plug in for Chrome on the PC called that will sync my bookmarks and such with the Samsung browser? Also don't they replace the battery in a phone if it's overheating/defective and then make it refurbished in refurbished phones? I always thought they did. This phone was only used from July 4th 2016 to August 24th 2016, so I imagine the degradation of the battery can't be bad at all since then it was with Sprint and in a box and when I got the phone it was at 75%. And as far as I can remember with getting refurbished phones from Sprint in the past, that's the highest battery percentage when getting a phone I've seen with refurbished phones. The one that was new and had the scratches on the camera lens I think was at about 40% maybe, after the guy set it up it was at 35% and generally a setup takes 5% or so. Also the only time I have ever had to pay for a replacement is if it was physical damage, never if it was software issue or a battery issue. Generally since October of 2016 or before the Sprint stores around here have been swapping out phones for new phones if you have the insurance, in my experience. I had a software issue October 2016 of the phone screen going crazy before being able to unlock it and they replaced it with a new one then my ex shattered my phone by throwing it on the ground several times in January so I went through Assurion then they sent me a refurbished phone and then it overheated a lot so they gave me a new one again in May which was the one that had the camera scratches on it. Since 4:48am my battery has dropped from 78 to 68 to 5:26am. I have used FB, Instagram, Gmail, Evernote, Clock, Gsam, Messenger,Settings to check batter, and Samsung Internet. The only battery monitoring app I use is Gsam. I like to keep track of temperature, wakelocks, held awake and my phone signal. I live in a good signal area. The phone did get to 39c just a little bit ago too. I have disabled all you suggested. Settings, Notifications, locations, no sync, location etc. Everything that isn't needed is turned off. It's now 6:51am and it's at 54% and 3h 8m on battery and on screen time is only 1h 40m...

    I have wiped cache twice due to disabling and clearing Chrome data and cache and something on a website on XDA crashing twice on Samsung browser and restarted the phone twice since charged at 100 at 1:23am. It shows 4h 10 m on battery and 2 h 24 for on screen time, it shouldn't be doing this. That's only maybe 7h on this charge. :/ I'll charge it and see how it does today.
    06-08-2017 01:54 AM
  13. underway99's Avatar
    I'll try to address your comments/questions in turn.

    1. The Samsung browser is the stock browser.

    2. If the FB app goes rogue, it won't matter that you're logged in or not. My wife is able to do everything with the mobile site that she used to do with the app.

    3. The Chrome extension for Samsung Internet is called Samsung Internet.

    4. I use Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet to kill ads.

    5. No, the battery is typically not replaced when a device is refurbished. A worn battery going to indicate a lot of use, and the refurbishing contractor that my carrier uses normally won't refurbish a phone that's been used to death. As I understand it, refurbishment isn't repair and repackaging. It's just physically inspected for defects, various electrical functions are tested (including the battery and charging circuit), the phone is reflashed with the latest firmware, then repackaged and shipped to a warehouse for use.

    6. The charge that the battery has when you get it is no indication of the battery degradation. It's just that -- the charge remaining. Sometimes a new phone right out of the box will have almost nothing.

    7. The battery drop from 78 to 68 in 38 minutes (16% discharge rate) isn't all that bad, considering all that you did with the phone. It's very likely that the screen was on the whole time. Remember that the screen is your biggest battery hog.

    8. Why keep track of all that (signal level, wakelocks, temp, etc)? I also use Gsam and Wakelock Detector to monitor those things. But I normally don't look at them unless I'm experiencing an issue. It's easy to get wrapped around the axle over little changes in this value or that. Give yourself a break. For example, you say that you live in a good signal area. So why constantly monitor network signal? If you experience network connection issues then check it. Otherwise, forget about it. You monitor wakelocks. Wakelocks aren't necessarily bad. Again, leave them alone unless you have an issue.

    9. I did not suggest that you kill all your background services. I suggested that you set them to normal defaults and observe how the phone works. You might be surprised how well the S7E with Android 7 handles resources.

    10. Restarts are hard on the battery. So is constantly clearing the system cache (which forces a restart). Even clearing the app cache will force the phone to use more power as it reloads data. The cache is intended to reduce power use by keeping data in working memory. Every time you clear it, the phone has to start over. It works by keeping the most recent data available for immediate reuse. The system will clear data as necessary based on how long it's been since the data were last used. Odds are that the most recent stuff will be reused first.

    If you are determined to get rid of every bit of what you consider to be excess power usage, you might find more help over at XDA. There are folks over there (some of them are here too) who live and breathe this stuff. I don't recall if the Sprint Samsungs can be rooted, but if so, your answer may be a custom ROM that will give you more control over just what runs on your phone. If not, there may be other things that they can suggest.

    Good luck.
    06-08-2017 09:07 AM
  14. Aquila's Avatar
    It won't really hurt to drain it to zero every once in awhile, but there is also no benefit to doing so.
    06-08-2017 02:33 PM
  15. IAmSixNine's Avatar
    It won't really hurt to drain it to zero every once in awhile, but there is also no benefit to doing so.
    The only benefit would be if your battery stats aka percentage gets out of whack. It can happen from time to time and letting the device go to zero typically re-calibrates this.
    06-08-2017 03:21 PM
  16. underway99's Avatar
    Yes, but you also stand the risk of not being able to get the phone to take a charge if you let it run to zero.

    You can jump start it to get the charge going, but it's an easily - avoided PITA.
    06-08-2017 04:48 PM
  17. Shinedowngirl87's Avatar
    How do I find out of the FB app goes rogue. I'm not looking to root this phone. I don't want to void my warranty. What is a good percentage to charge at? I just see all these articles that 40% to 80% is a good number, someone over at redidit they think my keyboard Gboard is the culprit but it has never used more than 0.1% of my battery in 18 hours. It has froze some lately and crashed some so I did uninstall it and went back to Samsung stock keyboard. I just used Gboard because Samsung keyboard never capitalized I or used apostrophe's where needed and it was pretty annoying. The signal the last 2 days has gone low sometimes. I checked the signal graph on GSAM. But generally it seems I get good signal.
    06-08-2017 08:06 PM
  18. underway99's Avatar
    I agree that rooting isn't the answer.

    You'll know pretty quickly if the app goes bad. You'll almost be able to watch your power level drop.

    I charge at the end of the day, regardless the power level. It's full when I get up.

    There are lot of good keyboards, but I saw no indication that your battery worries could come from Gboard. If you want to try something different, SwiftKey appears to be one of the best.

    As to your signal dropping, there can be a lot of factors. Time of day and traffic distribution are a few of the biggest. It doesn't mean that you have yet another problem with your phone.

    Remember that numbers can tell a story, but they can tell any story that you want to tell or hear. I'm going to climb on a limb here and suggest that you stop studying the numbers and just use your phone. From what you've described and shown with photos, I don't see any big issues with your device. Just use it and enjoy it, numbers be damned.
    06-08-2017 08:43 PM
  19. IAmSixNine's Avatar
    Yes, but you also stand the risk of not being able to get the phone to take a charge if you let it run to zero.

    You can jump start it to get the charge going, but it's an easily - avoided PITA.
    Not completely accurate.
    When the phone shows 0 it shuts down to protect the battery. LiON batteries made currently have low voltage protection circuitry in them to protect them from getting to low voltage. This is why the phone shuts down as its approaching low voltage threshold.
    If you were to run down the battery to the point of the phone shutting off, then dont charge the battery and let is sit for a few months you would run the risk of it getting below the safe threshold. However if your charging it shortly after the phone shut down your fine. Its designed to do that.
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    06-09-2017 10:35 AM
  20. underway99's Avatar
    I admit that I haven't completely kept up with battery technology. I know from personal and second-hand experience (and various forum posts/complaints) that it used to be a problem. That's why I never let my batteries run empty. It may not be the case any more.

    Thanks for the redirect.
    06-09-2017 01:32 PM
  21. IAmSixNine's Avatar
    I admit that I haven't completely kept up with battery technology. I know from personal and second-hand experience (and various forum posts/complaints) that it used to be a problem. That's why I never let my batteries run empty. It may not be the case any more.

    Thanks for the redirect.
    Low voltage is a problem with LiON batteries but they are created with that in mind. So the phone will shut of prior to the battery voltage getting to the point of no return for the battery.
    06-09-2017 03:08 PM
  22. Shinedowngirl87's Avatar
    I had downloaded AdBlock Fast and then lost data connection, I tried turning data on and off, and then tried ##72786 # then lost ability to call or text so I had to do a factory data reset and go through hands free activation Sprint swapped my phone out for a new S7 Edge earlier today Sprint Total Equipment Protection today. It had been overheating a lot.
    06-10-2017 03:16 AM

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