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    I have been having some of the common problems on my phone as many other people on this forum like the pink line and green flickering. Within the last week or so it has gotten worse. When I power it on the screen flickers on the logo screen then blacks out completely. Once it is done loading and gets to the lock screen I try to turn the screen on to enter my password but all i get is a dim green screen so I have to guess where the numbers are. Once I finally get the phone unlocked I still have the dim green screen but I can lay it screen side down and wait a few minutes until I get a white flicker coming from the edge. When I turn it over the flickering stops and reveals my screen that is extremely dim but still visible (this is all while having the screen brightness setting at the highest setting). If I try to open an app or pull down the notification bar the phone blacks out and I have to restart the process of unlocking it and placing it screen down.

    Are there any solutions I can try or is my phone a lost cause? I got it May 11th 2016.

    Thanks for any help!
    06-23-2017 03:30 PM

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