1. leelee311's Avatar
    I just updated my galaxy 7S Edge and lost all my music I bought. Is someone going to reimburse me? I have spent a lot of money on songs and I am very upset. This happens every time an update comes out for my phone. I need some answers......
    07-10-2017 12:18 PM
  2. Aquila's Avatar
    Were they stored on the SD card or internal storage? Can you just redownload the songs?
    07-10-2017 12:24 PM
  3. sparksd's Avatar
    How did the songs get on the phone originally? What exactly do you mean by update? Losing them in an update doesn't make sense.
    07-10-2017 12:32 PM
  4. Mattgrossman's Avatar
    you should be able to resign in and all the music you purchased should be there. you buy the rights to own the song in your collection, so you can delete and reaccess them later as needed.
    07-10-2017 12:38 PM
  5. leelee311's Avatar
    Ok see if this makes sense . Software update on July 3rd on July 4th all my songs that I purchased were gone from my music library.
    07-10-2017 12:54 PM
  6. leelee311's Avatar
    Internal and no I can not.
    07-10-2017 12:54 PM
  7. Aquila's Avatar
    Where is the music purchased from?
    07-10-2017 01:28 PM
  8. chanchan05's Avatar
    Where is the music purchased from?

    If you bought the music from Google Play Music, just sign in, and redownload. You dont have to pay again. They're tied to your account, not to the phone.
    07-12-2017 12:18 AM

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