1. ktmtom44's Avatar
    On my Galaxy phones on the communication page the thumb-up icon is placed in the low right corner of the screen, very close to the "back screen" button. Very often (especially when it is absolutely not appreciated) this icon is activated and sent without asking for confirmation when I just come close to it or touch it by accident when going to the back screen button.
    Can I deactivate this icon or at least re-position it to a less sensitive loaction at the icon bar?
    08-01-2017 03:01 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    If you're talking about the Facebook Messenger app, there is no way to change that since that's how the app is developed (you can't disable it, either). You can write the FB Team to make the suggestion and maybe they'll move it in a future release or use a 3rd party app for FB Messenger (not sure if those still work, though).

    I also don't like the button there, but not because it's close to the back button (I actually don't think it's that close, tbh). BUT it is too close for my taste to the SEND button... My problem has been sending a 'like' icon instead of my reply, and a couple times that's just been awkard (hey, my dog died... LIKE!...)
    08-01-2017 10:27 PM
  3. Daniel4825's Avatar
    I know you can change it to something else from the Info icon but you have to do it for each contact individually.
    07-03-2018 11:12 AM
  4. KenKK's Avatar
    I just did this yesterday. I read if you go through the motions of taking a picture but don't
    take it and click SAVE it removes it. I had a Donut for a picture
    07-31-2018 10:50 AM

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