1. Pat Peter's Avatar
    My Galaxy S7 edge is about a year old. lately, I've been experiencing problem connecting to certain WiFi. public WiFi to be specific. I have had help from the Samsung members site. The last I did was a factory reset including enabling all permissions to " captive portal login" still i have the same problem. The message I get is " Connected, but no Internet."
    The agent from the help center asked for the security certificate from the WiFi provider. I'm not sure how that's going to help.
    Any advise on this would be greatly appreciated.
    08-01-2017 09:56 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Can you open any webpages at all? If not, you might need to sign in to the Public WiFi before you can actually use it (you can connect, but until you open their login page or ToS acceptance page, you won't actually be able to use the network).

    If your phone isn't prompting you for the page automatically, try opening any page on the Samsung Browser (try to avoid pages you have visited a lot in the past or 'secure' pages). This usually prompts the page to show up.
    08-01-2017 10:06 PM
  3. Pat Peter's Avatar
    Hi, yes they do have a sign in page. should I use my data to visit their web/login page?
    08-02-2017 05:06 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Moved from the Galaxy S forum (which is for the ancient original Galaxy S phone) to the S7 forum.

    For public wi-fi networks that require you to log in on a welcome webpage, after connecting to the network, open your browser and then enter any URL (like nytimes.com). It should redirect you to the wi-fi network's login page.
    08-02-2017 05:10 PM
  5. Pat Peter's Avatar
    Hi, My problem is, not being able to connect to the network. How can I open their login page without internet?
    08-02-2017 06:59 PM
  6. chanchan05's Avatar
    The page is not on the internet. You can only access that page if you are on their wifi hotspot. My workplace wifi works the same way. You connect to the wifi, then open your browser. It should automatically bring up the sign in page. Then you need the user name and password for that supposedly public wifi to login and gain internet access.
    B. Diddy likes this.
    08-02-2017 10:54 PM
  7. Pat Peter's Avatar
    Thanks for the tip. I shall check this out next time I'm at the library
    08-02-2017 11:00 PM
  8. Pat Peter's Avatar
    just to let you know, in the past the WiFi has never brought me to the sign in page automatically. what should I do in that case.
    08-02-2017 11:18 PM
  9. chanchan05's Avatar
    Not sure in your case, but I've had that a couple of times, and trying to connect to bing.com actually pulled it up.
    08-02-2017 11:29 PM
  10. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Try also forgetting the wi-fi network in the wi-fi settings, then reconnect.
    08-03-2017 12:37 AM
  11. Pat Peter's Avatar
    connecting to My work place WiFi seems to have no trouble. As soon as I park, I see the sign in page.
    Thanks anyways. I'll keep u posted of the outcome.
    08-03-2017 12:38 AM
  12. Pat Peter's Avatar
    I tried that many times. Didn't budge
    08-03-2017 12:39 AM
  13. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Are you certain those public wi-fi hotspots have active web connections? Not all public wi-fi hotspots do -- they might be faulty or outdated.
    08-03-2017 02:12 AM
  14. Pat Peter's Avatar
    This is happening at the public Library, which recently had a big system upgrade. I seem to be the only one having this trouble. wife's iPhone connects easy.
    08-03-2017 07:17 AM
  15. Pat Peter's Avatar
    Hi guys! sending this reply through the WiFi I had problem connecting.
    Yes, I just had to go to my browser and type in the host name! got redirected to their log in page.
    Sincerely thank all ur help and time u guys took to help someone in need. Thanks again
    chanchan05 and B. Diddy like this.
    08-03-2017 08:41 PM
  16. Vajra727's Avatar
    I found that when I I turned off web Security in McAfee my wifi worked fine again.
    08-13-2017 08:31 AM

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