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    For the past few weeks text input on one of my webpages had stopped working in the Chrome browsers on my Android devices. The text input control is displayed, but nothing can be typed into it. If I submit the form, it tells me "Enter some text before clicking 'enter', you oaf!". So, it's not just invisible text.

    The webpage has been working for years, and hasn't been updated in a year or more. It is used several times each week. So it's not a change in the webpage.

    It works in the Chrome browser on my Windows 10 PC
    It doesn't work in my Galaxy Tab S2, my S7 Edge, nor my wife's ancient Galaxy Tab 2

    It does work in the Firefox browser in our Android devices.

    Any suggestions for getting this fixed? Is there a place to get Google interested in this? (Well, I had to ask)

    Now, I'll be the first to admit that the HTML in my webpage is not scrupulously valid; I tend to leave out closing tags when they are not absolutely necessary. But if this is the cause, then why has Chrome suddenly become so picky? Browsers are supposed to be tolerant, unless the HTML is totally invalid. The fact that it works everywhere except Android Chrome implies that my HTML is tolerable, and it is Android Chrome at fault. But I know that most webbies won't touch this with a bargepole unless I spend the rest of my life eradicating every last nit in my HTML...

    It's not easy to supply a URL for the webpage, as it is password protected, contains sensitive information, and is accessible only to devices on our home LAN.

    I might be able to generate a static HTML page if it comes down to it, or I might just switch to Firefox...
    08-06-2017 05:06 AM

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